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Grow Your Capacity To Innovate And Be More Creative

There’s a huge difference between someone with just average creative skills and someone who has seriously developed their creative muscles. The difference shows in every aspect of how they communicate, function and succeed.


A simple way to understand this comes from celebrated Stanford Professor, James March. March wisely observed that great (aka, creative and innovative) leaders balance two alternative perspectives, namely plumbing and poetry.


Plumbing represents the analytical, logical, literal and concrete side of things. It’s the critical “what & how” of our work that so often dominates our focus and thinking in most organizations. By contrast, poetry is language at its most powerful and condensed. It speaks to our imaginative, emotional and conceptual side. It taps into our dreams and values. It defines the “why” up underneath all our plans and actions.


Truth is, innovators people never choose between plumber and poet. Integrating the two is their secret sauce for making a greater, more creative and innovative difference in the world. (Think Steve Jobs!)


I’d like to coach you with some of the easy-to-implement strategies I’ve learned from working with and studying some of the most creative, innovative people in the world. Entrepreneurs like Margot Fraser who founded Birkenstock USA and built it into the iconic, successful company it became.


If you could use more innovation and creativity for yourself or your team to compete on value rather than price, let’s explore possibilities. If you want to work faster and smarter with proactive team motivation rather than harder with ineffective, whack-a-mole reactions, then please be in touch. And if you want to incorporate a collection of powerful tools that you can use to innovate and succeed in everything from personal productivity, to team communication, to new product and service offerings, then let’s definately talk. Lastly, I abhor pressure and assure you if the fit is right we’ll both know it.


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A Closely Held or Family-Owned Business Is Growing & Evolving Their Team Culture...

This is a common scenario that launches our work. We become outside… insiders.  We coach both the executives and their leadership teams toward greater creativity and innovation.  Toward that goal, we facilitate communications, leadership and team-building workshops. (Solid referrals available.)

A Manager Is Ready To Take That Next Big Creative Step...

Taking the step from manager to Senior Executive, Partner or CEO is obviously a huge undertaking for anyone. We handle every aspect of such major career moves. From fully accredited and empirically based assessments, to conducting team 360 team feedback projects, to ongoing coaching and consulting for leaders and their teams. (Solid referrals available.)

About Dale Biron

Dale provides coaching clients, workshop participants and audience members a direct experience of their own enhanced creativity, which naturally occurs when minds and hearts are strategically confronted by great world-class art? Using timeless stories, poems and the core principles of art, Dale demonstrates how art makes us more artfulat all the skills we need to be more creative and innovative.

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